how to organize the fun things?

OK, we have just got to get this order down a little better.. post FIRST, and THEN read friends’ pages, and check out Facebook.  Every day.  Yesterday we did the correct order, and didn’t have time to read the flist, so doing that first this morning (since they didn’t even all fit on one page & we have a small flist), meant we’re really getting late!  Remember that we’re very slow readers.

Of course, there is also the fact that The Mom decided to get the cleaning done before sitting down with the second round of coffee.  On days when we’re in kind of a rush, we usually read friends after supper, but–these days, there is so much picture work to do…  Someday we’ll get this reading schedule sorted out!  (There’s also email newsletters that keep getting put off!)

The howling wind and rain sound rather pleasant and lulling today, as long as you’re inside & all comfy, and you know from the weather report that the sun is going to shine again eventually.  The Mom does have to go out this afternoon, for mac-training.  That should be fun.  We were just talking to The Student, who seems rather happy about being Almost Done.  He’s now busy thinking up things for the rest of us to do all summer!  Tomorrow morning we’re up bright and early, to go downtown and pack up most of his Stuff.  He’s hanging around for the weekend though, to play with his friends.  (He writes his last exam on Monday.)

OH, by the way–does anyone know how to keep RABBITS from EATING CROCUSES!??

Thought for the day:  “God tests in order to entrust.”

Walk to Rivendell:  HEY!! We’ve now walked for TWO DAYS, and travelled a total of 46 MILES!  For this day (Sept. 24), we’ve walked 28 of those miles; we’re now going to camp here with the Elves at Woody End (it’s about 11 pm)–we can see the lights of the village of Woodhall over that steep shoulder.

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