breathe on me…

(WELL, it’s rather annoying when you go for training and get shown all these neat things you can do, and then get home and find out they don’t work the way he showed you!  A little bit of knowledge is a bad thing?  Oh well, writing down questions for next time!)

The Mom did one small spring-cleaning-type thing yesterday that made her so happy:  threw out the old toilet-covers.  Not the home-knitted seat cover, but the things on the back & lid.  She’d tried to find new ones, but it seems like they don’t make them anymore.  So she decided to just leave it bare white, and put some non-slip rubber on the top… wow.  Amazing how something so plain can look so good–compared to before, I guess!

K, a quick post, so that the trip downtown & packing can get done early.  Today’s “thought” is another good one.  We’ve moved from Job, to Abraham and Sarah (formerly Abram and Sarai).

“When God wants to turn a situation from despair to delight, all He has to do is breathe into it.  The aspirate (the letter ‘h’) is inserted in Abram’s and Sarai’s names, thus indicating that the breath of God was at work.  He does the same with the word ‘impossible’.  He breathes into it and it becomes ‘Him-possible’.”

Neat, eh?

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