a little milk in your hot chocolate this morning

That’s how it starts.  In a couple of days, a small glass of milk.  Wait a couple more days, then gradually allow more and more milk.  Next, try a little rice flour on the pork schnitzel; later, a little rice pasta, then a little rice.  As slow as it sounds, we’ve figured out that our philomath (now safely home for several months), will be trying actual WHEAT BREAD by May 1st!  He says that if this year-long diet hasn’t healed him by September (meaning he’d be able to eat “normally”), he’s going to look into medicine… we’ll see.  He already let down the guard just a little, in the last few weeks of school, with no adverse affects–so we’re hopeful.  And of course, it actually started with the chocolate, which he had over Easter–a little PURE cocoa, sweetened with honey (which The Mom forgot to add this morning, and he said the unsweetened chocolate was OK!)

The General Mood around here is quite cheerful, in spite of The Student constantly wondering/hoping/praying that he passed!  (We’re quite sure he did.)

Walk to Rivendell:  The land on the south bank of the Stock-brook is wet and reedy, but we are coming to a belt of trees.

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