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If anyone needs a chiropractor, we recommend a college (CCMC in Toronto), where the upcoming doctors need practise:  $25 for the initial appointment, and $15 for each subsequent visit–not bad, eh?  And the student is constantly consulting with the resident doctor (even if he is going to graduate in one month), so there’s no danger.  Mind you, The Mom needed that warning that it would feel worse the first time–it sure did!  But a sore back just makes it feel SO good to sit down, or even lie down at the end of the day!

And here’s another lesson for you:  the doctors said that because it happened so recently, they should be able to get things back to normal (or, get “normal” to the “back”…) with about a week and a half of “aggressive treatment” (meaning 3 times a week).  So don’t “wait to see if it gets better”–it’ll only end up taking longer in the end.

He didn’t say anything about cutting back on activities (or, cutting “back” activities… aren’t we witty today! *groan*); I suppose they’ve learned that it doesn’t do much good–people just do what they want anyway… or perhaps it’s just common sense to cut back a little.  One certainly can’t be kept from going for at least a short walk, on these beautiful-weather-days!

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