You know what a “creature of habit” I am.  If The Mom is not up by a certain time every morning, I have to jump on her; if she’s not in bed by a certain time at night, I have to post myself at the top of the stairs and yowl for awhile, etc.  Well, some of that must rub off on her.  She finds it weird this week–with The Student home, and getting up at a different time each morning… so he & The Dad get talking, and she has to play music in headphones so she can concentrate on her morning reading & stuff; or interrupt what she’s doing to get him breakfast.  Not that she minds, it’s just that she likes to have a regular routine.  I’m sure it’ll get settled eventually!

Our Student actually has only April off–although taking one course, and taking it online, won’t mean a very difficult summer at all.  He’s also going to try and take the Journalism professor’s advice and keep writing an article a week over the summer, for practice.

Meanwhile, another thing that’s disrupting The Mom’s schedule, is these back appointments she has to do–no one is complaining though, since it could have been worse.  Every once in awhile she wonders if she even needed the chiropractor, and then her back feels worse again.  So, up and down is better than it was!

But the weather… ah!  Let’s talk about the weather!  SO wonderful!  The furnace is OFF (for now), we’re wearing T-SHIRTS today!  The door was open yesterday–the AWNING was out! (Because one of those precious Spring Birds dropped a “present” that just missed Mom&mac…)  OH–and they even BARBECUED last night!  (Wasn’t it worth “breaking your back” to clean off the deck for all that? :P)

Walk to Rivendell:  Pippin realizes we’ve turned too far south.

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