eat, eat!

All night, the window was OPEN (it’s April!)… how lovely this morning:  the sound of the robin chirping as if the sunrise depended solely on him!

We missed doing sermon notes last week; because The Mom missed the first part of the sermon and had intended to listen to it online, but that particular speaker can’t have it online–and it didn’t seem worth it to have it emailed, since she’d only missed a small part.  So that’s the long-and-involved-excuse!  One thing that comes to mind from that one though (besides the fact that we’re starting a series on stewardship), is the equation:  “salvation = works”… you have to be sure that “works” is on the right side of the equation.  No more need be said.

Yesterday’s speaker included several lovely, testimonial-type anecdotes.  He was raised in Holland, and he & his wife were missionaries in Mexico years ago, so you can imagine.  Here are the reminders we “took for ourselves” out of his sermon:

  • Whether we like it or not, we ARE stewards of all that God has given us.
  • Being “Heirs of the Kingdom” means that we are heirs of God’s rule, not of His estate; in other words, He has given us dominion over everything, but it still belongs to Him.
  • We should have an attitude of excitement of being in God’s presence, as we do when we get close to someone famous & important. (Excitement is NOT very visible on people’s faces sometimes, of a Sunday morning!)
  • Chris helped us “count our blessings” (the attitude of gratitude that inspires good stewardship); starting with all the obvious things, and then as you think to yourself “what about the not-so-good things”, he also mentioned blessings there:  things like how blessed Bob was when we had a 24-hr. prayer vigil for him, and Chris himself is going through radiation treatments for cancer (thankfully no side effects yet)–but expressed how blessed he felt as he was awed by the technology of the equipment, and also knowing how so many people are praying for him.

Another thing that sort of came up as a sideline, was the linking of food to spiritual activities… in one of the scriptures the Israelites were told to bring their tithes and then eat them; in another scripture (the story in Ezekiel or Nehemiah) they were weeping as the law was explained to them, but were told that “this is a holy day”, and they should feast!  It reminds us of how inseparable we are as body, soul & spirit; how Jesus saw the physical needs of those around Him as much as the spiritual, etc. 

Coming together around a meal, or a “feast”, seems to be such a bonding sort of thing for a group of people.  That can be applied to church get-togethers as well as your basic family unit–remember how everyone was talking, not so long ago, about how important it is that every member of the family sit down together at a meal, rather than running various directions and eating at different times?  And of course, eating in this family has special importance these days, as The Student comes off his healing-diet and tries to gain, while the others try to LOSE!

Walk to Rivendell:  Our singing is cut by the cry of a Black Rider, and we leave (about 3 pm, this third day of travel).

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