the Mothball story

Remember when we asked what to do about the rabbits eating our crocuses–Nanny suggested mothballs and The Mom went out and bought some.  As she’s spreading them around the crocuses in the garden, she has a vague memory of doing this before, to keep the squirrels away.  Where shall we keep this box of mothballs?  Probably the shed would be good…. and you guessed it, she reaches up to put them on the shelf–right beside the other box of mothballs, still quite full!

Part 2:  So now when we sit outside, we can enjoy the fragrance… of mothballs.  But, speaking of enjoying mothballs:  yesterday we watched as a squirrel sniffed one, picked it up in it’s mouth and carried it to the edge of the garden, then sat there rolling it around and licking it, shook it’s head a little, then proceeded to chew it up!  Hopefully it didn’t actually swallow the pieces.  So much for keeping the silly squirrels away.  Maybe that one will tell it’s friends where they can get hold of some good “Stuff”… !?

In other news:  our yellow tree is yellowing! (translate: Forsythia is blooming), and the Pasque flower is pushing up it’s baby-furriness!

Walk to Rivendell:  The wood ends, and the land steadily becomes more tame.  The sun is now shining brightly.

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