poems about bugs

Why not?  There are good bugs and bad bugs, we’ve certainly learned THAT, with all of this stomach/diet stuff we’ve been doing with The Student.  And these days, we’re crossing our fingers and concentrating very hard (most of you know what that means!), as we begin to try him on foods that he hasn’t been allowed to eat for a year:  Down with the bad-gut bugs! Yay for the good-gut bugs!!

Don’t you think a daddy longlegs
has a lot of fun
using all those stilts to walk
and all those stilts to run?
(Aileen Fisher)

Is a caterpillar ticklish?
Well, it’s always my belief
That he giggles, as he wiggles
Across a hairy leaf.
(Monica Shannon)

If millipedes wore shoes
Just think of all the fuss,
To do up all the laces
In time to catch the bus.
(Lesley churchman)

and… can’t forget our favourite:
A centipede was happy quite,
Until a frog in fun
Said, ‘Pray, which leg comes after which?’
This raised her mind to such a pitch,
She lay distracted in the ditch
Considering how to run.

Walk to Rivendell:  In the Marish, there are fields, meadows, hedges, gates, and drainage dikes.

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