fluffy world

This morning, it’s very wet out there, and… fluffy!  The rain has just made it all POP–the leaves and blooms–yay!

Did you miss us for 2 days?  We did tell you that The Mom was busy with the kids’ Club stuff–getting promotion certificates signed, fixing up the parent notice with the new word-processing program, presenting cheques in church, meetings, etc.  All this with the very tricky job of figuring out this diet change for The Student.  No matter where our physical energies are, our spirits are all concentrating, crossing-fingers-and-toes (NOT!)…

So the latest devotional readings have fit rather well for The Mom: 

  • “Patience is the ability to count down before blasting off”;
  • “The tragedy is that, when we insist on having our own way, God may let us have it.”  (It’s hard not to “insist”, when you really, really, want something!)

But, she did have a rather sweet dream the other night… a scripture quote somehow found it’s way into her mind as she slept; the neat thing, is that this particular night was one where she went to sleep worrying because of some stomach trouble Sam had–was it “like old times”, or just that his body was so unused to the foods he hadn’t had for a year?  What would they ever do if the diet hadn’t really accomplished anything? etc.  In a half-waking moment, before going back to sleep–more like a dream really, she felt God was saying to her that each day He would “lead you in the way you should go”.

Thank you God, that You are so “there”, and that we need only take things moment by moment.

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