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Dave spoke on Sunday, and as usual, he shared a lot of interesting details.  To continue with the theme of stewardship, his “designated subject” (he admitted he didn’t really want to preach on this, which was a good thing because it forced him to face up to it himself): stewardship in creation.  I suppose it’s something we all know about, but do we do it?

So, here are the interesting points (which we’ve picked out from various parts of the sermon, hence they don’t necessarily follow in “logical” order!):

  • The first three days of creation was “giving form” to Creation,
  • the last three days was “filling out”.
  • The fact that God created it, puts value on it.
  • He made “heaven” and “earth”–both the “seen and the unseen”; the physical and the spiritual cannot be separated (a truth that we’ve been hearing a lot for a couple of years now).
  • God made man as His “image-bearers”:  emblems of His presence in Creation.
  • That man was to “rule over” creation, actually meant that he was to “look after” it–see that it was nourished and able to enter into God’s Sabbath Rest.
  • Dave explained the whole thing about the slavery in Egypt being like the Christian’s slavery before coming to Christ, etc.; we are presently in the “wilderness” training period, and look forward to the Promise Land when we’re with Jesus.
  • We are to “groan” with Creation, as we await that Day (and care for it, of course).

Walk to Rivendell:  We’ve reached the edges of fields worked by Farmer Maggot.

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