who knows?

Red bird in a yellow tree (Cardinal in the Forsythia)–very pretty!

The Mom has been working on a poster with pictures of the 7 kids who are graduating out of Club (on to Youth), and every so often she chokes  back a sob… most of these she’s known since they were born!  Will they ever talk to her again once they become “cool Youth”?  Doubt it.

However, there are enough things on her mind–like only three days next week to finish preparations for the Club Closing, plus plan and pack for the looong weekend away!  That’s because The Dad is taking part of Thursday off, so they’ll be leaving early.  And today…

The apparent wheat sensitivity that we “discovered” in Sam over two years ago:  was it simply the Crohn’s starting up?  Or, did all the new gluten-free grains aggravate it?  Which came first, and do they really have any relation?  The original symptom was upset stomach, and then after a weekend of being really sick–the symptom was usually extreme gas.  So that does seem like different things, but… which came first?  They don’t really know what causes Crohn’s.  Even the extreme diet he’s been on, is controversial.  The Mom tries to figure it out, and then decides to just “let go of it”–God knows.  But today–

We’re going to try a bit of wheat flour with supper tonight.  From before, we know that thought that it only took three days for that to make him sick.  We’ll wait five days of course, as they recommend.  A good omen has been potatoes–he had a bit of those with no ill effect, which he hasn’t been able to do for 2 years.  (Of course, the original testing required a larger amount.)  So, who knows?

We’re holding our breath, and crossing our fingers (translate: praying!) for the next 5 days!!

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