hold your breath…

The Mom has been mulling these things over AGAIN (but our devotional this morning says: “The first step toward thanking is thinking”).  It will be tempting, on the fifth day, or even the third day, to jump up and down and say “it’s a HEALING!”…

After all, it used to take only 3 days (that we knew of), before Sam would feel sick from wheat–so if he’s not sick the third day, we may have been WRONG, and if we were wrong about that, we may have been wrong about the original wheat test (which “said” he had a wheat sensitivity).  BUT:

  1. the original test involved a larger amount, so we’ll know better as we gradually try more wheat (if THIS test survives FIVE days);
  2. possibly it will just take a long time (years?) to build up again.

HOWEVER, if #2 proves to be true (and we won’t know of course, for that long time)–we can still rejoice for the time that he has to enjoy a “normal” diet, and put his weight back on; since he’s almost 6 feet and still barely 120 lbs.  Then, if he does get sick again, we know what to do right away, and he won’t lose very much weight–which also means he’d probably recover much faster.

SO…. we’re holding our breath while we wait to see if he’s going to be sick; THEN, we’ll be “cautiously excited” over the next several days; and thankful for whatever time God gives us!

Walk to Rivendell:  We’ve come to a stout gate to a rutted lane, edged by hedges.

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