plan, plan, plan

These three days things have to be organized a little carefully, in order to get it all done.  Monday and Wednesday both have appointments, and Tuesday The Mom has to get groceries and then come home and do some more baking; tonight there are meetings, Wednesday is the big event at the kids’ club, Tuesday night they have to get the trailer, etc.

Going away for 6 days always means lots of planning, along the line of meals & special diet–but this time it includes ways of easing off that diet.  This is only the third day of the wheat test (and our Student isn’t up yet); but we seem to be assuming that wheat will pass, even though we have to wait another couple of days to be sure.  But, if his health improved so much over the course of the diet, it seems likely that the Crohn’s is “all better”; it also seems unlikely that a person could “come down with” both a wheat allergy AND Crohn’s disease–one right after the other.  So that is why the mood around here is one of cheerful expectancy!  In fact, Sam has already been planning on a couple of meals next week, that he hasn’t been able to have for a loooong time.

Meanwhile, when we get back we have invitations to answer:

  • two wedding invitations
  • an “invitation” to get fitted for a tux, for Sam to be in one of those weddings (hopefully he’ll gain some weight by then!)
  • a baby dedication
  • a 50th wedding anniversary

It’s going to be a fun summer!

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