*sigh*–Chariots of Fire

Our church has this “Faith and Film” series, and this is the movie they watched last night–such a beautiful movie!  The Mom had seen it before, but you miss a lot the first time.  There was certainly a lot for the discussion afterwards (although the subject about running on Sunday never even came up!)  Interesting to note the difference between the two main runners:  one ran almost out of anger, very tense, with not only a fear of losing–but a fear of actually winning:  would it not give him the satisfaction he sought?  And the other runner ran for the pure joy of the speed God had given him.

In other news, The Student has just got up–and is feeling & sounding very healthy!  One more day before we can say:  NO WHEAT ALLERGY!

Hopefully sometime before we leave for the weekend, we’ll get around to posting sermon notes!

Walk to Rivendell: We’re at Farmer Maggot’s house, which is surrounded by a high wall, cut by a wooden gate from the lane.

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