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Rob was his typical creative self–using a skit by the youth to help him with his sermon about the parable of the talents.  We saw the skit once, then he got them to do it again and used a remote control to freeze the action and insert comments (well, he pressed the remote and told them to stop :) ).

Some great reminders from it all:

  • God (the talent-giver) gives us each talents according to our ability;
  • our only responsibility is to be faithful (obedient to whatever He wants us to do)–God will do the rest (He’ll look after the results, etc.);
  • the third servant had the Master all wrong; his actions were inconsistent with what he said–it was just an excuse for being lazy (buried the one talent);
  • we try to preserve ourselves (burying the talent), when we need to be willing to risk–we should be “all in” for God;
  • the Gift of the Holy Spirit results in many gifts that God gives us;
  • life should only make sense with Jesus as Lord.

  an “official” announcement.   :)

Walk to Rivendell
: We eat supper at Farmer Maggot’s, and it’s full dark when we leave, at about 7:30 pm.

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