TWO years…

Boy, that was a loooong weekend!  Pappy (silly guy) kept saying “she hasn’t posted yet”, when “she” was sitting right there.  “She” could have hooked up to their internet, but it’s dial-up… no more need be said.

OH–we didn’t mean that the long WEEKEND was two years!  But, over the weekend, Sam had several things that he hasn’t had for TWO years:

  • garlic toast
  • hamburger buns
  • rolls with supper
  • toast with his scrambled eggs
  • croutons on his salad
  • grilled cheese made with “real” (normal) bread last night!

And–NO sickness!  As he says, The Mom will be talking about it for the NEXT two years!!  She’s still trying to be just a LITTLE careful about not bombarding his system with all the things he hasn’t been able to eat for two years & one year, but come August they want to make sure he’s eating as much as possible the way he will be at school in September–so that they’ll have a month to see if anything “happens”.

Meanwhile, The Mom has a big job to reorganize her menu, figure out how to use the bread maker again (well, that’s the easy part; the hard part is  cleaning up all the junk around it!), planning a diet menu for HERSELF to LOSE weight, take the truck in for an oil change, etc. etc.!

Oh, plus there’s getting back to the exercising/walking… (that’s a looong supper we’re having at Farmer Maggot’s! :))

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