The Mom made some notes from a book about “Magic Foods” while she was at Nanny’s.  It’s all about lowering your “glycemic index”… she didn’t actually read thoroughly, and can’t tell me what that means exactly.  But, as Nanny quoted, “we’d all be healthier if we followed a diabetic diet”.  Now, we’re not going quite THAT far, in this house, but The Mom is going to try and put several of the hints into practise.  It has to do with which foods have sugar which is absorbed slowly, and which ones are absorbed quickly, and other foods that help to lower.. the thing.  Here are the ones she picked out (nothing like taking what you like, and leaving the rest!)-

  • OATMEAL:  The Mom loves an excuse to have hot cereal in the mornings.  In fact, she’s going to do a switch-around–she used to have cold cereal during the week, and toast on the weekends, but now she’s going to have 1/2 cup of hot cereal during the week with one piece of toast & cinnamon (more about that below), and cold cereal on the weekends!
  • CINNAMON:  1/2 teaspoon a day–it can be sprinkled on cereal, toast, and we’ve just discovered that it’s GREAT sprinkled on coffee!
  • FRUIT:  Well, that’s a no-brainer; but especially berries, apples, apricots, bananas and melons.  The Mom has been meaning to have more, and many of these would also be good in cereal.  Can she give up her lunch-cookies for fruit?  We’ll see… but we’re going to try and go with the ones that are in season, which is better for the environment.
  • YOGURT:  Actually, she’s going to give up her cookies for this, which will be EASY with her to-die-for homemade yogurt.  But that will wait until Sam is finished with having yogurt every day (July or August).  The fruit comes BEFORE lunch.
  • BREAD:  looking forward to trying the ones that are best for you–pumpernickel, rye, and sourdough.  And whole wheat in the bread-maker might be especially good.  AND–you know what’s another “whole grain”?  POPCORN–YAY!
  • TEA:  yes, ordinary black tea is good for you!  (As well as coffee, if you drink it decaffeinated.)  But we have doubts about whether The Mom will be able to give up that second pot of coffee for tea…
  • RAW VEGGIES:  another no-brainer, but The Mom thinks she may be able to do this one by having them available to snack on while she’s making supper.
  • GARLIC:  something else most people know about–it seems you should put it in everything you possibly can (at supper time, obviously).
  • LEMON JUICE:  another thing to keep handy while you’re making supper–squirt it in the vegetables, in the rice, the pasta–The Mom discovered that it’s quite fine squirted in her glass of water, too!
  • ACETIC ACID:  have some of this with each meal, and it will reduce the.. “damage” of whatever you’re eating (an orange wedge with breakfast?.)  If you’re not marinating the meat in a lemon juice-vinegar-olive oil recipe, or having mustard in/on something, or oil & vinegar salad dressing, add a pickle to the plate.
  • OLIVE OIL:  almost forgot that one, since we’ve already been in the habit of using it for all the other diets.  But the new hint is to replace margarine/butter in baking–3/4 teaspoon to 1 teaspoon of margarine.  The only time we’d use a different oil (corn oil is good), is when there’s some hot/deep frying to do.  And on toast, of course.

So, that isn’t all of it, but the main ones.  It looks too delicious to lose weight on, but smaller portions should do the trick.

In other excitement:  The Student now weighs 125 pounds–yay!!  AND, The Mom is looking forward to dusting off the bread maker–double yay!!!

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