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Aaahhh!  Sitting outside in 22 C, pleasant breeze blowing… what could be better?  And most of that “to-do” list from yesterday did get done, among other things.  And a FEW people at church expressed interest in helping out with Club next year.  And we bought new CDs, and a new Eugene Peterson book, and… And Sam feels fine after all that pizza he ate yesterday!  (Mind you, he did have a lot of gas–but so did we all.  Except me of course, since I know enough to stick to cat food.)

The speaker today was a special guest, who does music as well.  His main scripture was that verse from Philippians 1, that goes something like: “He who began a good work in you, shall continue it until it’s completion on the day of Christ.” He was speaking to individuals who get frustrated with themselves for so many things that they’ve started and not completed, dreams that seem like they may have been mistaken, etc.; but he also mentioned that some people might be feeling that way about our church (low attendance, still searching for a pastor)… asking themselves “Did God really lead us here?”  It seems like that would definitely be the feeling for some–a very timely word.  (We’ve had this guest several times–so he’s more like a friend, not a stranger to our situation.)

The Mom has also been thinking lately, how people need to have more patience with the work that God is doing in them.  One thing that came to mind was the fact that the verse hints that this “work” will not be completed until “the Day of Christ”–not until He comes to set up His kingdom.

Anyway, lets see if we can remember the 3 points in the sermon… 3 ways that God is “completing the work” in us:

  • by sending Jesus to take our place,
  • by sending the Holy Spirit to help us,
  • by placing us in fellowship with others on the same journey.

Oh, and here’s one more Neat Thought, that we read this morning:  “The two great propositions Christians believe are that ‘God is’ and ‘God has spoken’.” (Chuck Colson)

Walk to RivendellAs we head to the Ferry, there is boggy land all around, and it is foggy.  (BOGGY and FOGGY!)

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