food and light

The Mom is happy that she finally gets her restaurant choice… what is it going to cost her, we wonder?  Especially because Swiss Chalet is not really the fanciest sort of place to celebrate a 29th Wedding Anniversary at!  However, fancy restaurants can leave you wanting in the way of taste (of the food, that is).  Swiss Chalet ALWAYS leaves The Mom saying “that was SO good!”  AND, The Student is looking forward to it because he hasn’t been able to eat there for a year.

We’ve just realized that we sent off a birthday greeting to a relative, without commenting about how she sang at the wedding ceremony 29 years ago and said nothing about it being her birthday!  Well, maybe she did but the Bride & Groom would have been too distracted, of course.  The song she sang?  “You Light Up My Life” (Debby Boone).

This day is going to be lit up all right–there are thunder storms forcast.  But, sunny days after that for a nice long stretch!

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