the last supper?

The Mom was rather disgusted with herself for eating so much last night (“I’m sick of food… I’m never gonna eat again..”), and then she read in her Max Lucado about how the angels at the tomb said: “Go tell the disciples and Peter…”

Peter.  Now there’s a guy who must have been rather disgusted with himself–denying His Lord 3 times, after all his boisterous claims about dying with Him, etc.  God wanted to make sure Peter got the message that Jesus wanted to see him as well as the disciples.  Peter probably wasn’t including himself as a disciple at this point, but God did.

The Mom has been up since 3:30 suffering from her mistake, though.  Hopefully that’ll help her remember that lesson (as if it ever has before!)

Ah well, at least it was tasty!

Walk to Rivendell:  Merry meets us at the Ferry landing.

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