change can be exciting when you trust…

The Mom is STILL in a generally excitable mood!  Even though after yesterday’s leaders meeting, she realizes they’ll need about 4 new leaders and helpers for the Fall; plus, it’ll be different with several families who have finished with Club after going for YEARS.  But, there are still some wonderful leaders (& kids!) left, and who knows what the new season will bring… there are several potential helpers, plans to get more kids out, etc.  And the memory verses:  you know how we enjoyed doing a verse for each letter of the alphabet–The Mom couldn’t stop talking about how easily the kids learned them… so she’s looking forward to doing something else with memory verses next year.

Another exciting thing is:  being organized about all the extra foods we have to use up, now that Sam is coming off BOTH diets (the second diet for the Crohn’s was just naturally gluten-free).  At this point, he is having “normal” food for breakfast about every second day, and generally normal stuff for supper–still diet food for lunch, mostly.  Soon it’ll only be the lunch food that is diet–when the current fall-apart nut flour “toast” is used up.

TODAY:  plant shopping and gardening! (Finally!!)

Walk to Rivendell:  We’re taking the main road north from the Ferry.

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