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The Mom is still tired out from her gardening work yesterday.  Not that it was an awful lot, but it did take 2 hours, and she says it COUNTS for her “Walk to Rivendell”!  The miracle is that she even got it all done, since she was very tired to begin with (sleepless night).  The plant SHOPPING was the fun part!

So, what did she plant?

  • 3 more thymes beside the driveway:  2 “ordinary sort”, plus one whose leaves turn yellow & smell like lemon (must be called a “lemon thyme”?), to match the other one;  the empty spaces are filling in nicely with the wonderfully spreading thymes that are there, so now they’ll fill in even more.  Thymes are SO nice to step on, since it releases such great fragrances when you do so.  In fact, weeding them IS enjoyable, since you can just kneel right on top of them, and smell them!
  • Alyssum (one set of 4):  just in case only a few of last year’s have re-seeded, although it looks like there are lots coming, we THINK.  (Oh, and tell Nanny the Forget-Me-Nots ARE coming back!)  Alyssum has such a FANTASTIC smell–did you know that the white ones smell the strongest?
  • An interesting “Brocade Leaf Geranium”–it looks like a small maple-leaf shape, which is burgandy with light green edges, and small red flowers.  The Mom always finds something different that she can’t resist!  Some variegated leaves she doesn’t care for, but there are so many different kinds.  This annual likes part shade, so it should do well beside the front sidewalk, closer to the house.
  • Begonias:  another plant that has lots of varieties, The Mom couldn’t resist three different large-leafed, large-flowered ones–pink, crimson, and orangy-red; two with dark leaves and one with light green leaves.  She planted two of them in the log-planter, but remembering that they didn’t survive in there last year (although that may have been because of a hard rain storm that “swept” them out shortly after planting)–she planted the other one in a shady corner of the garden (the log planter has lots of shade under the Linden).
  • 3 Impatiens:  these ones have narrow, pointy leaves which are variegated (mostly dark), and they’re called “Painted Paradise, Pink Improved”.  They like part shade, so they’re in the long planter, which got moved to the edge of the garden.  (They look a bit silly–standing in a line like soldiers!)
  • “Mona Lavender Swedish Ivy”:  The Mom doesn’t generally care for spikey-type flowers, but she couldn’t resist 2 of these annuals, with their dark purple leaves.  They don’t look like ivy… we’ll post a picture eventually.  One is planted in the log, and the other in the garden, to see where it does best.
  • Clover–the name of this isn’t clear, but it’s BEAUTIFUL: very dark leaves with bright yellow flowers.  It says “sun or shade”, so hopefully it’ll be OK in a corner of the garden that gets at least SOME sun!  We’ll definitely have to get a picture of this one for you.
  • Chinese Lantern Seeds:  we’ll see if these grow or not, but they make excellent dried flowers in the Fall!

Well, that list was long enough!  The things already growing in the garden:  peppermint, a couple of stonecrop-type plants that are especially beautiful in the Fall, a plant that we’re not sure if it’s Meadow Rue or Astilbe–we’ll know when it blooms, a thinnish Foam Flower, a lone Japanese Fern that doesn’t seem to spread very much, the crocus leaves are still there, and a few lone Fall Crocuses.  OH–and our pink Moss Phlox is looking beautiful at the front, and the Lavender is huge & wonderful!  There’s also a baby-leaf stonecrop plant spreading nicely among the thymes.

Meanwhile, there are lots of Lily of the Valley to cut and enjoy!

Walk to Rivendell:  Buck Hill is on the left and Buckleberry on the right.

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