bread, bread, bread

The nut-flour bread is GONE–yay!  Today Sam starts having wheat EVERY day for breakfast!  Or, if we’re having a lot of bread in supper, we may give him eggs or something.  Just to let his system get used to “every-day” gradually.

Actually, it may not be wheat every day, since there is still some gluten-free bread mix to use up.  But EVERYONE is going to eat that, to help it disappear quickly!  A very neat thing:  having home-made bread every day!  The Mom has decided that’s healthier than those well-processed loaves of bread that you buy.  Just look at how long they last–what does that tell you about the chemical ingredients?  The argument used to be that you’d want to eat way too much bread, if it was homemade every day; but–you get used to it.  And I’m sure she won’t be baking many loaves ahead for when they go camping.  So, it will be a treat to eat “bought bread”, when they’re on vacation!  And then, it can also be bought from the bakery section.

We hear that sourdough bread is very good for you.  Wonder how tasty it is, though?

There’s been some lovely, gentle rain over night and this morning… God tending the garden we just planted. :)

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