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Another interesting service this morning… we’re sure it’s another “brain child” of Creative Rob:  various people sat on a “panel”, to answer any questions to do with our current series about stewardship, “Heirs of the Kingdom”.  People were supposed to be handing in their questions this last few weeks, but it sounds like there were just a couple, centred around scripture, which Rob promises will have their own sermons dedicated to them in the near future.

The panel members were:  our Children’s Pastor, the Maintenance Guy,  a long-time Elder/Stewardship Committee member, and Rob Himself.  The Youth leader was the Moderator, who asked the questions.  Of course, the questions & answers were obviously “pre-contrived”, but when it came to Rob, he said “Hmmm… good question… let me think…” (just for a joke).  But each panel member did an excellent job–Carol talking about the stewardship of children (both about THEM being good stewards, and about US being good stewards of our children and not delegating them to “cuteness”); Chris talking about recycling, turning off lights, and “buying local” (hey, he should have been a preacher–good speaking, and well organized!); Geri talking about money itself and the fact that we need to be spiritual about our giving; and Rob’s subject had to do with being “Heirs” for the sake of the world… since God’s will always involves bringing more people into His grace.

The Mom was scurrying around checking with various people about next year’s Club… the season is finished, but there’s always little things to be done.


Walk to Rivendell:  We take a lane to the right, climbing up and down into the country.

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