is there time?

If the sun ever comes out today, maybe The Mom will get to taking those pictures of her plants that she promised.  Since she’s planning on being out there anyway, pulling weeds.  (We’ve just had lots of rain, so those weeds should come out real easy.)  And then, if she does get some pictures, she could try for the first time:  downloading them directly on to her NEW computer (remember–that apple-bitten one; which WHITENESS of Sam’s computer is becoming absolutely COVERED with dirty spots!)

We’ve just realized that the end-of-June vacation week is coming up sooner than we think, which makes things feel a bit rushed.  Why do we have to work so hard at our play?  Ah well, it’s usually very worth it, when you’re finally THERE!

But that is one annoying thing about summers:  you plan them so carefully, for the sake of vacation-weeks, that it makes them seem so short!  The thing to remind oneself of maybe, is that just because you know so many things that you have to do in the next several weeks, doesn’t mean that you don’t have the time to do them.  As long as you have a long stretch of time to match your long list–you’re fine.

Better go check that…

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