one of those dreams that you can FEEL…

The Mom had SUCH a dream last night!  It kept her feeling sad for a little while after she got up, even though it’s sort of funny…

I dreamed that while I was half asleep, I heard noises in the roof above me, and knew that my son was rumbling around in the attic.  Then I heard him crying (he was little), and knew that he was in trouble–that he was trying to find the way down out of the attic, but couldn’t.  But because he wasn’t calling me, I left him to rumble around in distress all night.  It was like I was mad that he wouldn’t call me for help.  In the morning, I finally went to help him–by putting a chair on top of a table, so that I could climb up and reach him.  Then I was sitting with him in my lap, rocking and crying, saying “I’m sorry, I was waiting for you to call ‘Mom!’  You should have called me and I would have come; but I shouldn’t have waited for you to admit you needed me!”

Oh dear, it still makes her sniffle!  Is she supposed to take some sort of lesson out of it?  Her initial thoughts this morning were that maybe she should be making him come to church.  But it’s not like you can say, threateningly: “If you don’t start coming to church, I’ll cry!” :)

Walk to Rivendell:  We enter a tunnel under the Hedge, to reach the Old Forest.

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