weather, weather, weather

Oh. my.  The Mom was in SUCH ecstasy yesterday.  She brought home a boquet of LILACS!!  Then she made popcorn. O_o  What a mixture of smells!

The present weather is another reason for bliss–23 C already, with a lovely breeze dancing through the trees.  No one should have to do anything but sit outside and enjoy it, on a day like this!  ‘Cause when your vacation comes, you know it’s going to be raining, cool… OK, I’ll shutup now!  That’s not really true, anyway.

Actually, it’ll be hot later, so that’s when we should do whatever work needs doing.  Remember when those in southern climates used to make the hot middle-of-the-day siesta time?  Now it’s the other way around (or should be), since most of the work has to be done inside, where the air conditioners are!  Of course, there’s still lots of outside work… we hear some of them for example:  someone in the neighbourhood is putting in a brick sidewalk or something.

Isn’t it amazing how people LOVE to talk about the weather?  When there’s nothing else to talk about, you can always talk about the weather–we NEVER get tired of it!

Walk to Rivendell:  It’s about 7:15 am on this fourth day, and the path has disappeared into the Old Forest.

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