it wasn’t so bad after all!

The Mom was worried about yesterday’s Congregational Meeting, that it would be long because of everyone’s questions, and because a lot of people might be unhappy and ask even more questions.  This is because they had to severely cut back the budget, and because we know that people are getting restless and anxious about the time it’s taking to find a new pastor.

Well, the meeting WAS long–more because of all the presentations/reports that had to be made, but also because there were a lot of questions–but The Mom was really quite pleasantly surprised at how smoothly everything went.  The discussion was good–informative.  It must have been, otherwise she would have hardly survived the hours towards 10 pm!

Of note was the report from the Pastoral Relations Committee:  their confession that their own preconceived notions are creeping in, of what they want in a pastor; that they remind themselves that a new pastor is not going to be a "saviour", etc.  They’re really trying to keep themselves open to who might be the right candidate.  They even had a day of fasting and prayer recently, and a speaker who did a great job of encouraging them.  Next is the job of getting everyone else to pray more fervently for the committee… so we have a nice point-form sheet with scriptures now, to help us in that.

Another neat thing that happened at the meeting, was when we presented a years-long volunteer with an appreciation gift (she’d been doing the bookkeeping, and kept at it even though they’d moved away years ago):  she gave a little speech, and then took the initiative to say a prayer for us.

OH–and before the meeting, they had an "Artist-Show", with several artists from the congregation displaying their work (refreshments on the side, of course).  Wow–what wonderful photographers, painters, sketchers, etc., we have among us!

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