moving to the front

The thymes at the front are absolutely WONDERFUL!  They spread so easily, and are quite hardy, and smell nice too!  Very soon, all the bare spots we have from taking out the hedge we had there a few years ago, will be filled in–yay!

This is a new bush we put in last Fall–again, we’ve forgotten the name!  In the Spring, it comes out in gorgeous orange-yellow colours, and now it’s got little buds, for burgandy queen-anne’s lace-type flowers.  It’s very hardy as well.

This doesn’t do justice to it… you can see the bare spots we’re working on–much better than it used to be.  (Maybe next year when it’s filled in more, we won’t be embarrassed to take a proper pic of the whole strip along the driveway.)  This is the oldest and largest thyme, we have a few others like it.  We also have a couple of other varieties, that we didn’t take pictures of–one is is a taller thyme, that grows & spreads well too. 

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