The Mom has found a way to keep herself from spending the evening playing Scramble, or Pathwords or whatever else.  She has to actually plan specifically what she’s going to do!  It generally has to do with pictures–sorting, organizing, fixing, etc.–there’s a long list.  The list has always been there, in a “Pending pictures” document; but she has to choose a particular thing from the list and actually put it on her schedule for the evening.  That’s much easier than thinking “I have that long list to tackle whenever there’s free time & energy…”

So, last night she copied all her pictures onto the new White Apple-Bitten computer, since she’s discovered that she can work on them through the network, with her old computer (and the old, no-longer-supported photo program… now the only thing the Old One is used for–kinda sad!)  There were SO many pictures to copy (mostly Pappy’s old pictures & Grand Canyon pictures, etc.), that she STILL got to play Scramble & Pathwords while it was copying!  In fact, she finally went to bed before it was done.  Then we got up this morning to discover that Old One had rebooted itself during the night, so there was some figuring to do–to see if everything had been copied before that happened.  It had!

So now she won’t have to take both computers on holidays, since there’s enough simple sorting & cropping to do without needing the fancier photo program.

Holidays!  Time to plan carefully for that:  even spare-time fun has to be “scheduled”, to make sure your most favourite things have the right amount of time!  And of course, for The Mom, treat-eating should be carefully planned, in order not to gain too much weight!

Walk to Rivendell:  It’s sunny, but we’re not yet in the clearing (beyond the Bonfire Glade)–it’s about 8 am on this fourth day.

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