what would Bumstead think, I wonder?

The Mom is as bad with her cereal as she is with her hamburgers!  Bad enough that she’s about the slowest eater there is.  First she has to serve the others in the family, then… by the time she’s added mustard, mayonnaise, dill pickle, relish, tomatoe, lettuce, and is taking her first bite–the others have finished eating!  (And she even leaves out anything that’s not a “must-have”, like onion.)

For hot cereal (cream of wheat or oatmeal), it’s:  mix in a little sweetener so she doesn’t need too much sugar, mix in a little milk to cool it off; add chopped fruit (usually dried apricots) and nuts, and a sprinkle of Amaranth flour just because it’s so good for you and we need to use it up; sprinkle on cinnamon and brown sugar, and FINALLY–add a little more milk, just letting it sit on top and make the brown sugar more melty.  Mmmm! (I like milk and creamy things myself!)

Speaking of food, we’re about to check on the Strawberry Situation.  The Dad heard that the season has started, so there’s no getting away from driving all the way out to the produce farm to get them fresh.  Maybe The Mom will even get to pick some this year, when they get back from vacation!

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