Not that there are any fathers reading this–just one:   our strongest and most Faithful Supporter, “second in command” to God!  That’s because he “commands our heart”, and THAT’S because we command HIS.  In case you don’t understand our poetry here, it means we love him, because he’s so loving, etc.  (Hope you got the card, Pappy.)

Anyway, it’s still quite appropriate to wish EVERYONE a Happy Father’s Day, because we need not only to celebrate being Fathers, but also having Fathers.  And we all have a Father… anyone can celebrate a GOD who actually wants to be our Father.  Wow.

Now, here’s a Father’s Day gift: a story.  It’s the kind that will make most men laugh, but ladies will say “oh my!”  By “most” men, we may exclude certain ones who may be involved in the story–don’t tell them!  Because this is a true story that happened yesterday…

You see, tomorrow night is the end-of-season Elder’s BBQ, and everyone is supposed to bring something.  Lucky for The Dad, spouses are invited, or he’d have to make his own food to bring (maybe).  The Mom decided to make her favourite-recipe coleslaw, because it can be done up ahead of time–tastes better when it’s made ahead.  Well.  What happens when the food processor is dirty in the dishwasher, and you’re too lazy to wash it by hand, and further lazy about looking up the directions for shredding anyway.  If you don’t make coleslaw often, you forget how long it takes to grate a whole head of cabbage by hand:  45 minutes.  Of course, it need not have been quite so long…

Part way through the grating, The Mom noticed something red… “hmmm, that couldn’t be blood…”  Yes, it could.  Three bandages later, she had cause to pick through the cabbage shreds again–this time to look for shredded bandage.  Then, she realized she’d forgotten to buy carrots–oh, well, baby carrots will do…  yes indeed, she really did grate up about 100 baby carrots!  So, another hour later it was all finally done.  Then she noticed how rough the ends of her fingernails were…. 0_o (I suppose if anyone bites on anything hard in the coleslaw tomorrow, they’ll just pretend not to notice.)  So, don’t tell the elders!

We’re escaping to comment in Facebook, on the military collage we made for Pappy–gotta explain it all for those young folks!

Walk to Rivendell:  We continue on the path in the Forest.

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