Happy Student

We’re not surprised at all, of course, but our Student is rather excited about his first mark in the distance course he’s taking over the summer (history of the Caribbean):  ‘A’.  So excited in fact, that his facebook status says he’s “reading breakfast and eating email”. :)  The mark was for an essay, and after all, he is a writer.  But he’s never quite satisfied about his essays, when everyone else thinks they’re amazing (well, us older folks, anyway).

And to think that yesterday he had a meatball sub from Subway for lunch (Subway was the Father’s Day treat, as well as an expensive-delicious-worth it fruit tray), and Monte Cristo sandwiches for supper with processed ham slices and processed cheese slices…. and still feeling quite happy & healthy!  He had one bout of running to the bathroom over a week ago, just for the morning, but everything has been fine since.  More than fine!  So, it must have been his body getting used to all the “old” foods.

We’re still giving him diet stuff for his lunch–but The Mom has probably baked the last set of nut-flour rolls for that.  There are quite a few ahead; but when those are gone, it’ll be almost August and time to spend the month letting him eat everything he would be at school in the Fall, to see what happens, if anything.  We also stuck with hot chocolate made with cocoa and sweetened with honey, and we continue to make sure he drinks lots and lots of water!

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