always wear your partial plate

Learn a lesson from The Mom.  It started when she’d go in for dental work, without the partial plate.  Then when she’d put it in later, it would need adjusting.  After one particularly bad bout of dental work–several root canals, etc.–she had to keep going back for adjusting, and finally gave up on it.  She never liked it anyway (does anyone “like” a partial plate?).  So she just didn’t wear it for a couple of years.  Sure, she’d been told that the teeth above the plate would fall out, with nothing below them to push on, but she wondered how critical that really was–how long would that take anyway?  It might be true for someone younger, with many, many years ahead of them.

Then, at the last check-up, the lady showed her how the upper teeth were beginning to fall, and she should get a partial plate.  So, since it had been a few years, the insurance company covered for a new one to be made.  Now, she’s back to returning again and again for adjustments!  (How could it have been made so wrong to begin with, this time?)

So today:

  • Rej has no pain from his implant-surgery yesterday (JEALOUSY:  The Mom had to call about taking more pain killer when SHE had surgery on the bone years ago!)
  • Sam has a regular check up in about an hour (amazing how most kids these days have never even had to have a filling!!)
  • Cathie is going in for another adjustment! (Actually, it’s only the second one for this new set.)

Walk to Rivendell:  This is a long path, in the Forest!

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