leaving me!

It’s that time of year–when They All leave me for weeks at a time.  Well, this first vacation is only 10 days, still–how can they be so mean?  On the other hand, remembering my terrible Ordeal when they took me along to Florida a year ago, I do thank them for leaving me here!  Since The Mom is not taking BOTH computers with her, I could keep journaling on her old computer, but… then people would know the secret:  that a cat can type. 

So maybe I’ll just allow her in here, while she’s away–if and when they’re connected to internet.  Their campground near Lewiston does have a “hotspot”, but it doesn’t always work.  In fact, the guys had geared themselves up for allowing The Mom to choose her favourite spot AWAY from the hotspot, but since The Student wasn’t able to submit his latest work online (site problems, not ours), he’ll have that to do.

Actually, I do come along in spirit sometimes, so I might keep an eye on The Mom while she’s posting here.  But all she’ll be doing is keeping track of whatever she learns (better remind her to TAG, then!), and maybe making note of other things she “accomplishes”.  The two things she gets lots of time to do while on holiday, are reading (including editorial-type books she never reads at home), and picture work.

So for me:  “see you” again, sometime after July 1st!

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