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I’m using two study books this vacation.  One is what our Tuesday evening “Reading Group” is discussing, in meetings every second Tuesday:  The Jesus Way, an excellent book by Eugene Peterson about the Way–asking not only “what would Jesus do”, but “HOW” would He do it?  The other is The Marriage Book, which we’re reading in preparation for leading a course at our church, perhaps in the fall.  Today I only got through the introduction of that one, but the Peterson book I’m on Chapter 2, in order to try and keep up with the group.  There is a LOT in every paragraph of that book!  Here are a couple of things gleaned today:

In talking about faith, and what it is:  “It is an obedient life, a deliberate engagement of the will, a fusion of body and spirit, visible and invisible fused, taking us somewhere.” (p. 44)  This is a concept I’ve been hearing quite a lot in the past few years, that we formerly tried too often to separate spiritual and physical.  But here he’s mainly talking about the fact that if we truly believe, it will of necessity engage the physical… in other words, action.  On the next page he talks about how we need to stop trying to control everything, and just accept, instead–“..embrace what is given to us–people, spouse, children, forests, weather, city–just as they are given to us, and… engage with what God has given, with what he is doing.”–in other words, work with what GOD is already doing, instead of trying to do things ourselves.

Other things “accomplished” today:

  • knocked away/killed about 1,000 caterpillars, that are falling from the poplars at this campground,
  • decided that it still feels like holiday INSIDE the trailer, where the caterpillars can’t get me!
  • read the beginning of “Photoshop for Dummies” (finally admitting yes, I am a Dummy in that regard, which I’m not used to, since I was SO SMART with PhotoDRAW),
  • stuck to DIET ice cream,
  • left the little camp store without buying ANY treat (we were there to book the Honey Wagon),
  • did spend some time, as Pappy reminded me, doing nothing but looking at the sky, with its clouds floating by, and the poplars rustling in the breeze.

Now for the FUN reading (fiction):  “World Without End”, a historical fiction from the 1330s of England, about the church builders/bridge builders, etc.

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