3rd day

OK, would this be a good example of going with whatever God happens to be doing: 

  1. The weather forecast called for rain today, so we decided it would be the night to go to Apple Granny’s for supper.
  2. It turned out to be one of those days where a huge rain cloud would come, threaten & thunder, and then pass, and then the sun would shine brightly–however the rain was finally coming down just at the time we were driving in for supper.
  3. When we arrived at the restaurant, we discovered it was closed on Mondays.
  4. By then the sun was back out, so we headed for the Riverside Restaurant overlooking the Niagara River, where we always eat out on the patio.
  5. The weather was perfect for the whole time we were there; plus, with some jazz artists playing live–it made for a very pleasant supper! (And so lovely to sit outside with no caterpillars around!)
  6. The ice cream stop on the way “home” worked in well.

As for my book studies, I got “waylaid” with Photoshop today–finally got to a chapter with something I can start using right away:  Adobe Bridge, which looks like it’s going to be a great way to organize pictures–they can be tagged and even “batch renamed”; for example, I renamed some of Pappy’s Grand Canyon pictures to “Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon”.

The one thing that stands out from my reading of the Marriage Book, is that couples need to have some special time together regularly–a “date night”, about once a week.  As for The Jesus Way, I’ve started on the chapter about Moses… two things: one funny, one interesting.

1.  He’s talking about how historical critics have taken apart the five books of Moses, and describes himself taking apart an old car when he was a kid…”self-educating myself in the ways of carburetors, cooling systems, transmissions, and brake drums.  After a few months I was familiar with all the parts now laid out on the grass, but I never did figure out what made it run.  And of course by the time I had completed my investigative work, there was no chance of it ever running again.”   I KNOW SOMEONE LIKE THAT!! Can you guess who, Pappy??? :D :D

 2.  He’s talking about how things used to be handed down orally, and goes on to say that “Words spoken are both previous to and even inherently superior to words written..”  I don’t know, is that true?  He says that even for journalists, novelists, poets, etc., spoken words “far outnumber” written words.  The way my son reads, I don’t know if that’s really true.  I guess Peterson would say that he learned to speak before he could read and write, but… now even when he “speaks”, half the time it’s typed–with things like MSN, email, texting with his phone, etc.  Still, it’s interesting to think about.

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