5th day

Well, I did stop Adobe-Bridging at lunch, to follow the pre-planned schedule and do the readings… but just read a little bit and quickly got back to sorting pictures!

The chapter in The Marriage Book today was about communicating–seemingly a no-brainer, but I guess some people have trouble knowing how to say what they’re actually feeling.  Funnily enough, the next thing I read in The Jesus Way was all about words.  Peterson can use a lot of words to talk about the importance of words!  Then in my Focus magazine, the article was again about marriage:  how it’s important not only to have some quality time together, but to have FUN together!  “The couple that plays together, stays together.”  Again, that should be a no-brainer, but I’m sure a lot of couples forget to do some fun things among all the busy things.  The article is actually mostly about putting laughter into your marriage.  So the quote for today is again from the Focus magazine:  “According to researchers, laughter decreases stress hormones and enhances the immune system.  It also relaxes muscles, lowers blood pressure, reduces pain and boosts respiratory and cardiac health.  Add some laughter to your life and enjoy better health.”  Sam is constantly trying to suppress his laughter, while he’s listening to something/reading something with his computer & headphones–I’m sure he would have been a lot worse off during his sicknesses if he hadn’t found so much to laugh about!

Now to sneak back to the picture organizing… Pappy & my brother gave me SO many gorgeous pictures from their Grand Canyon trip.  I picked out a bunch to put on Facebook–the ones with people in them.  And they’re so well taken, with the person/couple positioned so perfectly to the scenery, etc.  With Adobe Bridge, I was able to make groups of several, drag and move them around to the order I wanted, then rename the whole batch so that they would stay in that order.  Now I’m going to tag them according to which folder I want them in for viewing on my HDtv!

It’s so much fun!

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