6th day

Did everything proper today. 

So, Peterson’s chapter on Abraham (The Jesus Way) was about faith, and the one on Moses was about.. words, language.  In the Books of Moses three main elements of language:  Names (“the greatest forms of human speech are names… [which] root language in the personal, in the particular man, woman, and child… If [abstractions & ideas that come later] get too far removed from personal names, they degenerate”; Story (“honest” stories that aren’t pushy–“..we don’t live our lives by information; we live life in relationships…”); and Signposts (laws, directions, instructions) which “hold our attention to what is central”.  This chapter didn’t take too long to read, but wow, the NEXT chapter (David) looks looong!

Again, The Marriage Book reading for today fit right in with the other one!  While one was talking about story-telling, the other was about “Listening Effectively”!  It seems we all have a bad habit of not listening, or showing a real interest–instead we’re thinking things about our own selves that the words are triggering, and thinking of what we want to say before the other person has ever finished talking.  The 5 subtitles, “Profiles of a Poor Listener” speak for themselves:  The Advice Giver, The Interrupter, The Reassurer (jumping in prematurely with things like “I’m sure it’ll be OK”), The Rationalizer (wants to explain WHY, rather than trying to listen), The Deflector (changes the subject).

ALSO again, this leads into another article in Focus, which talks about the very common weakness of PRIDE, which seems to especially show up in marriage… “Your natural self got married primarily to be served; marriage becomes a vital spiritual opportunity when we use it learn how to serve.”

OK, now gotta go sort some more pictures!

Walk to Rivendell:  still on the 4th day, still on that path in the Old Forest!

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