7th day–campfire!

On our usual walk to dispose of the garbage, in which we forgot to bring the garbage, we suddenly decided to buy a bundle of wood at the little campstore, so that we could burn all our cardboard garbage.  Rej & Sam took turns carrying the heavy/awkward bundle, and then I walked back with the garbage bag (only one garbage bin in this campground–a pet peeve of mine since we first became members).  So now, I am permeated with the smell of campfire smoke!  It was lovely though, and the caterpillars hid–yay!

Today after reading about Colour Management (RGB, CMYK, choosing colour policies, etc.), and getting my head all dizzy about Photoshop stuff, Peterson’s words seemed like more confusion at first.  But in this chapter of The Jesus Way about David, he’s showing the error of perfectionism.  “The story of David is not a story of what God wants us to be but a story of God working with the raw material of our lives as he finds us.”  Not finished that chapter yet, but I see that the NEXT one about Elijah, is going to be VERY long!

In The Marriage Book we’re up to learning about the 5 love languages (yes, taken from Gary Chapman):  loving words, kind actions, quality time, thoughtful presents, physical affection.  Everyone is different in what says “love” the most to them, and we often tend to show love in the way we want to receive it, but what is one spouse’s love language may not be the same for the other.  So we need to study each other.

I’m finally, almost, caught up in picture-sorting/organizing, FOR NOW!  Today was a good nap-day.  Tomorrow it’s time to sort out the MOVIES–all the home-made slide shows that need to be changed into a format that can be viewed on the HDtv.  Shouldn’t be hard, now that we’ve got the right program.

Walk to Rivendell:  We’re coming to a knoll in the Forest.

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