8th day

DONE:  all the home-made movie/slide shows converted and ready!  There were 23 of them, and since each one took several minutes to convert, I also got lots of reading done:  finished the David chapter, and well into the Elijah chapter.  So today was “movie day”, and tomorrow will be “music day”, and after THAT, I’ll be pretty well all back to where I was with my OLD computer… EXCEPT for learning a photo/graphics program (Photoshop vs photodraw).

Follow the link if you’re interested in what Peterson has to say about perfectionism, and in the next chapter, worship.

For David, he says that the narrative, or stories of David, deal with the outside part, while the Psalms deal with the inside part.  In particular he goes over seven Psalms that have become known as the “penitential” prayers: 6, 32, 38, 51, 102, 130, 143.  “They provide our praying imaginations with Holy Spirit antibiotics to protect us from perfectionist expectations, perfectionist pretensions, perfectionist illusions.”  People try many things, but “the only effective remedy for sin is the forgiveness of sin–and only God can forgive sin.”

For Elijah, what he does is basically retell the stories, but there’s an interesting note about worship (from the story of the prophets of Baal).  He calls it “Baalism” when worship is reduced to “it should be interesting, relevant, and exciting–that I ‘get something out of it'”.  Instead: “Authentic worship means being present to the living God who penetrates the whole of human life.” He explains that it’s not that “sensory participation” is excluded, but “nothing is done SIMPLY [emphasis mine] for the sake of the sensory experience involved”

For The Marriage Book, I read TWO chapters today, which go into detail about the 5 love languages mentioned yesterday.

Meanwhile, the rain came down like machine-guns at about 4:30 this morning, and then even with huge puddles everywhere, the caterpillars were worse than ever!  But it was our night for Apple Granny’s tonight, where we ALWAYS just HAVE to go because of the “Awesome Blossom” (so good!)–so now I’m bloated with blossom (“Awesome!”) :P

Walk to Rivendell:  It’s hazy at the top of the knoll in the Forest.

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