9th day

Today was one of those days where you say “I spent all that time doing THAT!?” (more picture work)!

Ah well, but I surprised myself by finishing the music sorting too, AND the rest of the chapter on Elijah (The Jesus Way)!  Yesterday we were just getting started with the discussion on worship.  It grabs my interest because I’m so emotional… but I know there has to be a balance.  Peterson is comparing “emotionalism” (my word) to Baalism, because it was a religion that depended on the emotions (they sacrificed out of fear, desire, etc.)  When people are constantly looking for a “worship experience”, it’s like “individual feelings trump the word of God.”

“Worship in the biblical sources and in liturgical history is not something a person experiences, it is something we do, regardless of how we feel about it, or whether we feel anything about it at all. The experience develops out of the worship, not the other way around.”  When I read this, I’m already beginning to think of the truth that people need to worship just because God says to, not IF they feel like it (and then you soon begin to feel like it)–and several paragraphs later:  “In Yahwism [a term used because of the context of Elijah vs Baal] worship is defined and shaped by God’s authoritative and clear word.  Nothing is dependent on feelings or weather. All is determined by Scripture and Jesus.  No person is left to do what he or she simply feels like doing.  God has revealed who he is and demands obedience. Worship is the act of attending to that revelation and being obedient to it.”   (bold emphasis is mine)

Interestingly, in the fiction book I’m reading (World Without End by Ken Follet), one of the rebellious questions the 1300s heroine has, is why is God so needy of praise & worship.  I remember wondering that when I was very young, but you soon discover that it’s not that it’s good for HIM, but of course–it’s so good for YOU.  It reminds you of Who you’re dealing with, of how able He is to help you, of the wonder of Him being willing to have anything to do with you!

Walk to Rivendell:  We’ve come up to the knoll in the Forest, surrounded by trees.

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