last day of June, last day of vacation… BINGO!!

“Bingo!!” means “Yaay!!! I finally figured out some things in Photoshop!”  It took several days of reading the “Dummies” book, but finally: BREAKTHROUGH!!  There’s still lots to learn of course, and lots of things I know how to do on photoDRAW better, but the basic things I was doing most often–namely, a few different borders–I finally know how to do.  Not only that, but I’ve set up some Actions (buttons) of my own–all by myself!  (Can you tell I’m rather pleased with myself?)  AND, there’s even a few things that seem BETTER than photodraw–namely the shortcut keys! Yay!

Meanwhile, today’s chapter in The Marriage Book was all about making the best of your differences, since most people are attracted to their opposites. “Marriages work best when each partner initiates in some areas and supports their husband or wife in others.”  The idea is that you don’t see the differences as irritations, but as complements.  (I’m caught up in The Jesus Way for now.)

We had lots of rain again today, with periods of bright sunshine in between.  Tomorrow it’s back to the grind, but it doesn’t feel too bad since I’ve already looked at my calendar for the week and arranged the schedule (hooray for Google).

See you soon Dustie!

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