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please pray against the rain!

The Sister is expecting 200 guests tomorrow for her daughter’s wedding–in her front yard.  They do have a tent, but I’m not sure all 200 people will fit under!  And then there’s Cinderella, arriving in the stagecoach… Thankfully it’s not … Continue reading

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written long ago!!?

A flurry of activity here while everyone is getting ready to go away again, this time for over 2 weeks, and this time no constant internet connection!  There’ll be PEOPLE around who they actually have to visit with:  namely, family.  … Continue reading

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“The Jesus Way”

Boy oh boy… we sure get into some great “meat”, in this discussion group for The Jesus Way (by Eugene Peterson).  There are 8 of us, who have been going to our church’s “Summer Reading Club” every 2nd Tuesday, and … Continue reading

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don’t be too big

We’ve been reading over some previous entries, something we schedule in, every once in awhile–it’s good for humility.  (Well, we do it to remember any previous lessons.)  It makes us think we shouldn’t be “saying” so much… we’re sick of … Continue reading

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countdown to The Ball

Just checkin’ in to let ya know that we’re still around!  The Mom has been distracted today with looking up ideas for taking wedding photos.  I think she’s getting a little excited about her niece’s “Cinderella Wedding” coming up this … Continue reading

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chough, luff, and the light of reason…

The only thing we can think of to say today, is something we noticed in our Bible reading a couple of days ago, in the story of Samson’s conception.  Did you notice–the angel chose to speak to the WOMAN.  And … Continue reading

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Bible story order

It’s always busy days leading up to a vacation.  But that’s as it should be, for it makes the vacation such a relief!  Today there are dentist appointments in the morning, then Mac/picture-training, then promoting Club at Daycamp, then checking … Continue reading

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ALL gone!

Sam finished up the LAST of his special diet food yesterday!  And the day before that, he got on the scales…. SEVENTEEN POUNDS HEALTHIER!!!  *chair dance, chair dance*  After all the months of that pit-of-the-stomach kind of worry, since he … Continue reading

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going to The Ball

Well, the Fairy Godmother didn’t show up, so The Mom spent 3 hours yesterday looking in clothing stores… the top she least expected to buy was of course the one she ended up getting.  I think she likes it though, … Continue reading

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what the whole town is talking about

In our post “People Are Doing Things”, over a week ago, we mentioned that Pappy, Randy & Jonathan were doing the Meech Lake Triathalon (now called something else).  We didn’t say very much more about it, however… The Mom has … Continue reading

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