eating to live, or living to eat?

The breadmaker is whirring away–making its first “Basic Honey Whole Wheat” loaf!  The gluten-free bread mix hasn’t been all used up yet, but The Mom wanted Sam to enjoy homemade bread for awhile before returning to Rez-Food… which we’ll start feeding him COMPLETELY come August (to give him a whole month of eating like he will be in September–a final test to make sure he’ll be all right).

There are LOTS of things to use up–sorghum flour, amaranth flour, gf bread mix, gf pie crust mix, gf cereals, replacement-flour mix, various starch-flours, etc.   They’ll be eating gluten-free stuff here for awhile, whether they need it or not!  As far as making things for the special “crohn’s diet”–The Mom now feels like her own Retirement is beginning!  There’s some special biscuits left, and some yogurt, and when they’re gone–no more will be needed!!!

The next stage of Food in this household, will be for LOSING WEIGHT!  The homemade yogurt & ice cream is SO good, but there are “lite” versions that can be made. 

Walk to Rivendell:  The path veers SE, and we leave the path to try to turn north.

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