People are Doing Things

Sam and Rej are off shopping today, with

, so The Mom is looking forward to turning her music up LOUD!  Like a teenager!  And it gets worse:  she might also SING, and… DANCE!!  Not things she gets to do while People are around to hear.

First however, there are the dishes, brailling out (via computer) the scripture reading for tomorrow, scanning in the book for Rej to read… so we’ll see how much time she has left after all that.

OTHER People Who Are Doing Things?  Pappy, Randy & Jonathan (The Mom’s father, brother, and brother’s son) are Doing the Meech Lake Triathalon! Randy will do the swim, his son Jonathan the bike, and Pappy the 6.4 K “run”/WALK… WAYTOGO guys!!!

Walk to Rivendell:  We are crossing a series of deep folds running SE.

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