sermon notes

Our speaker today was one of our missionaries, a young girl who will be married in less than 3 weeks–the day before the wedding that THIS family will travelling north for. 

She has a heart for Muslims, and middle-eastern people, and is presently working in the UK.  Her husband works for the same organization.  Our lay-pastor hinted that they set a good example in the UK, for us here in Canada:  ministering to the immigrants who have come to us rather than complaining and worrying about them “taking our jobs”.  What stood out for me, is the way God has truly laid these people on her heart, that being a good indication of what God wants you to do/who to minister to!  For The Mom, it’s children… but then, kids have a way of getting into EVERYONE’s heart!

So the guys did lots of shopping yesterday, plus LOTS of eating, from what we hear!  (It sure is nice to hear Sam talking about cinnamon buns, and ordering up hot dogs & hamburgs for next weekend, etc.)  The Mom got lots more picture work done, but there’s still more to do.  That has to get caught up, because come July 26th, there will be thousands more pictures to play with!!  (from a “Cinderella Wedding”.)

Walk to Rivendell:  We keep turning east, and lose our direction!

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