beauty in sadness

The Mom got to find out what our “local cancer centre” is like today–that’s why we’re late posting.  Someone at our church is organizing rides for a lady who has to go for radiation almost every day of the week, for 33 treatments in all.  So neat of them to do that; but when the lady said “thank you”, thanks was due to her as well:  she allowed others the blessing of helping her!

Anyway, the cancer centre is beautiful.  There’s a HUGE waiting room, an atrium with lots of light coming in, a well-known & loved deli with tables, and some tables in a lovely alcove outside, lots of comfortable chairs, a table with various puzzles for people to work on while they’re waiting, etc.

But The Mom went over to the hospital part and instead of waiting, visited another person from the church.  This guy went in for a simple operation a year ago, and hasn’t gone home yet.  He’s been having continuous intestinal problems, which may be partly due to his paralysis slowly increasing.  He was paralyzed 30 years ago when he had radiation treatment on a little tumour in his back… so he’s not all that excited when people say “isn’t technology wonderful?”  It was good to see him though, and realize that he has not completely given up hope, even though both his mother and his sister have passed away since his hospitalization (his sister was only 50, but had fought breast cancer for 15 years).  He’s holding on to his memories, and the fact that he does have a good day every once in awhile.  He asked for a little prayer-time, and even smiled a few times, causing The Mom to comment that it was a beautiful smile!  She’s very glad she went there today.

Walk to Rivendell:  We enter a fold too deep to leave, so follow it SE to the Withywindle.  It’s about 4 pm.

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