stop and smell

How often do you take time to read a little poetry?  Us neither.  But since we sometimes are trying to think of what to post, it might be a good way to do just that–dust off the Coffee-Table-Books and see what poetry we can find to enjoy!  We were looking for one something about the Wonderful Summer Fragrance (the Linden trees you can smell everywhere), but this is as close as we could get… it mentions “autumn calm”, but it’s obviously hot weather…


Incessant tropic winds that pass
    Bestir the grass,
And whisper in the autumn calm
    The shepherd’s psalm
Of life beyond the somber scene,
Where pasture fields are always green.

Nearby enduring blossoms shine
    From out a mine:
The ruby and the rhodolite
    Without a blight;
The purple, red and yellow quartz
That bloom for ages in the arts.

And, nearer still, a runlet sings
    Of hidden springs;
The constancy of their supply
    That falls from high.
Is’t Immortality that speaks
This faith through zephyrs, rocks and creeks?
–Willis Hudspeth

Walk to Rivendell:  Merry finds a path along the bank of the River.

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