wishy washy world!

Well, The Mom got up yesterday at 6 am… then she went back to bed.  She got up at noon for some crackers and cheese, and then went back to bed.  She got up at 5 pm to order pizza, and eat it, and went back to bed at 8:30!

What makes her that kind of sick, that she can still eat, you say?  It’s called “vertigo”.  The first time she had it, it seemed so unusual that they called the ambulance.  Now she knows what it is, and how to treat it: take gravol and go to bed!  But she has never had it as bad as that first time, about 20 years ago.  Until yesterday.  Coming down the stairs was such a bad experience that she decided an extra half-dose of gravol must be equal to the injection they gave her those many years ago.  So whether it was the gravol or just the normal feeling that comes from vertigo–she slept!

Advise for anyone else who gets this once in awhile:  you know how, when you’re lying in bed facing one direction, and you suddenly decide you need to twirl your head around and face the other direction?  Don’t do it!  The Mom thought she was going to die!  It’s like your head is full of water, and if you turn it even slightly, the water jiggles and splashes around… or… it looks like the world is water, swirling around!

Anyway, she’s much better now, and as you can tell–we didn’t have too much to post about this morning! :P

Walk to Rivendell:  We’re following Merry’s path east through Forest wetland

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